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Femdom Gifs

Animated female domination gifs, just femdom porn, no bullshit!

She had enjoyed being Renegildo the football star's boyfriend. The nightclubs, the shoes, the bags and clothes, the free cocaine. He sometimes shared her with his friends but that was ok - they were studs with big dicks and flat bellies too. She was usually too high to notice who was fucking her anyway.

But now it seemed the time had come to pay the price. The man who kidnapped her seemed to really take his time with the ransom pictures. Did he really have to ram a dildo on a stick in her ass to extract another $100k? And why did he fuck her with it for five minutes even though he only took a couple of pictures?

She was afraid it wouldn't matter much anyway. Renegildo would probably laugh at the pictures, maybe jack off to them and then move on. She quickly realized she would be smart to appeal to her kidnapper, so he would want to hang on to her even if no money came. She faked moans of pleasure in order to stay alive.

Pantyhose and tights are another one of fetishes.  I love they way they feel and look on a woman.